Charles Murphy

Charles  Murphy
Charles Murphy REALTOR®
Realty ONE Group, Inc
8395 W. Sunset Rd #190
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702 582 1022
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 About Me:

I have a long track record in business and government work but real estate has always intrigued me because it is such a vibrant people-based enterprise. I enjoy the needs assessment process, working with people to address the solution and presenting researched options in a flexible, collegial manner. Las Vegas offers a particularly exciting environment given the enormous vibrancy of the metro area and its expected growth prospects. Over the past 40 years I have seen the city grow and change in many, many ways; the future is bright!

Why "The Realty One Group" and "The Brodkin Group"?

Both groups offer me the best immediate and strategic platform for learning and applying the learnings to satisfy client needs and, of course, for having fun along the way with teammates. They share my values and approach to serving clients. Four local offices, 300+ agents and continuing education sessions provide extraordinary resources that Denni and I draw upon to serve buyers and sellers alike.    

How will you make an impact on the customer or client?

After 38 years in business, largely in the "Corporate America" world, it is no secret to me that people do business with those they like, believe in and have a product or service they want. I am a very gregarious yet highly results driven "Type A" personality with global work, travel and education experiences.  I am fairly certain I can connect with people based on my life thus far; that will help me gain their interest and ultimately their trust. I expect to provide buyers and sellers a crisp, detailed or summary view of their options, recommendations and negotiate on their behalf.  In the end, Denni and I work for YOU!

What is my favorite away-from-work activity?

I love to travel, see different cultures/meet different people, hit the gym, stay -up-to-speed on current events and world history/politics in general. I like to keep the body and mind active. More than likely there is a dance floor and a bunch of music, at a minimum, along the way.


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Charles Murphy

702 582 1022

Realty ONE Group, Inc

8395 W. Sunset Rd #190
Las Vegas, NV

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